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1. We are the general distributor of  Woodpecker Ultrasurgery,
Scaler and Air Polisher, Dental Implant Motor, Dental Laser, Endo
Motor, Obturation s y s t e m, Ultrasonic Scaler, etc.
2. Autoclave(Class B: Can apply Exemption Certificate), Air Compressor
(Can apply Exemption Certificate), Dental Units, Wet Suction
handpiece, Electronic Motor, Dental Stool, LED Curing
Light, Prophy Jet, Amalgamator, Alginate Mixer, etc
3. We are the general distributor of  Being Foshan Medical Equipment Co, Ltd
4. We have repair service. We can repair Dental unit, CT, OPG, X-ray,
dental implanter,autoclave,handpiece,electonic motor, ultrasonic,scaler etc.
5. Disassembly and assembly equipment.
6. Undertake clinic design decoration project and X-ray radiation protection engineering.

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Fax : 852 26738207
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